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The education & outreach committee works to coordinate communications with the general public regarding water quality issues, and to build an actively-engaged community.







The Highland Lake public forum took place on March 21, 2018 at the Windham High School Auditorium. Presentations by experts on the situation being experienced at Highland Lake were followed by a one hour interaction with the speakers. This was an opportunity to have questions answered to the many challenging aspects of the picocyanobacteria bloom that has been occurring annually on Highland Lake over the past few years. Highlights from the forum include:

  • Wendy Garland (DEP) – an overview of the situation at Highland Lake based on her years of experience interacting with the Highland Lake Association and watershed residents.

  • Dr. Karen Wilson, (USM ) – presented the science behind the bloom at Highland Lake. Her discussion helped provide an understanding of the seriousness of this phenomenon as well as the summer sampling plan

  • Heather True (Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District) and Gretchen Anderson (Town of WIndham)  - in a collaborative presentation they described Best Management Practices that watershed residents can apply to improve water quality.